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Sofitel's Diamond Jubilee

Sofitel turns 60

In honor of Sofitel's 60th Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee, we are delighted to present a series of exclusive events and activations from April until the end of 2024 that will take place all around the world. Join us in celebrating our cherished Heartists, showing appreciation to our valued guests, and enriching the vibrant communities around our luxurious hotels.

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Join us in celebrating Sofitel's 60th anniversary by booking a sparkling Diamond Jubilee event below. 

A pioneer of French luxury hospitality since 1964

Sofitel traces its roots back to when it unveiled its inaugural property in the picturesque city of Strasbourg, nestled in the heart of the Alsace region, known for its history, wines, and rich gastronomy. This marked the beginning of a journey characterized by the encounter of radiant local cultures with our French zest. Below, explore the timeline of Sofitel's rich heritage.

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Sofitel's first hotel in Strasbourg


Sofitel emerged as a pioneering French luxury hospitality brand in 1964 with the opening of its first hotel in the city of Strasbourg in Alsace region, known for its history, wines and rich gastronomy. 


Sofitel joins the Accor group 

after having expanded in Europe, Asia and in the United States.


Elevating comfort: the creation of Sofitel MyBed™ 


In 2003, Sofitel pioneers another innovation, introducing the world to the unparalleled comfort of Sofitel MyBed™. This concept redefined a good night's sleep in the world of hospitality. 


Sofitel opens new Hotels 

in Mexico, Colombia, Panama , China, UAE, Spain


Sofitel will turn 60 years old

Sofitel turns 60 years old as it embarks on an extraordinary journey, celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2024.

A unique gesture to unite all Sofitel Heartists of the World