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Discover Sofitel

Where life lives with a French zest

At Sofitel, we are more than luxury hotels and resorts, we curate heartfelt encounters shining a light on radiant local cultures, with remarkable savoir-faire and generous service. 

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Sofitel's first hotel in Strasbourg


Sofitel emerged as a pioneering French luxury hospitality brand in 1964 with the opening of its first hotel in the city of Strasbourg in Alsace region, known for its history, wines and rich gastronomy. 


Beyond French borders, the global expansion begins 


In 1975, Sofitel started a rapid expansion beyond French borders, highlighting how attractive and differentiating French hospitality was for travelers. 


Elevating comfort: the creation of Sofitel MyBed™ 


In 2003, Sofitel pioneers another innovation, introducing the world to the unparalleled comfort of Sofitel MyBed™. This concept redefined a good night's sleep in the world of hospitality. 


The launch of Sofitel Legend, the pinnacle of Sofitel 


In 2009, Sofitel introduced a new dimension of luxury with the creation of Sofitel Legend, an exclusive collection of timeless hotels representing the epitome of heritage and personalized service. Simply Legendary. 


Sofitel’s partnership with Le Petit Prince and the Antoine de St-Exupéry Youth Foundation


In 2011, Sofitel embarked on a whimsical journey into the enchanting world of  Le Petit Prince, with the mission to mingle cultures together and  to open up a world of discovery and tolerance. 

The French zest

In every stay, we aspire to ignite love, unlock the extra-ordinary, and foster discovery. Through the fusion of French zest and local culture, be it the culinary artistry of a thoughtfully crafted dish, the exhibition of captivating local artistry, or the serenity of our wellness spaces, we harness the transformative power of our cultural link. At Sofitel, it's within these moments that we reinvent luxury, etching an indelible impression on your heart and soul.