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Exceptional dining experiences in enchanting settings

Outstanding gastronomy is about more than just delicious food. It’s an art that seamlessly combines the finest produce and a chef’s unique creativity, delivered with authenticity and thoughtful attention in a rarefied setting. That’s when the standard is elevated to the sublime. That’s what you can expect from a Sofitel dining experience. 


Our restaurants sit within city landmarks and luxury resorts, connecting with local cultures while celebrating our French heritage. Many are destinations in their own right, drawing a discerning clientele through impeccable service, exquisite décor and breathtaking views. From stylishly relaxed bistros with open kitchens where you can observe skilled chefs create masterpieces, to the hushed elegance of private dining rooms, the passion and innovation of our culinary teams both captivate and satiate.


Of equal importance to an exceptional culinary experience are the drinks that accompany the meal. Our highly trained sommeliers select with discerning care the wines and spirits that comprise each extensive beverage menu, working with our chefs to ensure a perfect marriage of flavors and bouquets. We are also privileged to feature signature spirits of the highest quality, from sake and whisky to tequila, staying authentically local while being open to a world of different cultures. And of course, a wide selection of zero-proof drinks satisfy the most discerning palates. 


Because a commitment to sustainability is a core part of the Sofitel philosophy, we work with local artisans to source responsibly produced ingredients and reduce our environmental impact. Many of our properties feature kitchen gardens, growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs so that our dishes sing with freshness and local aromas. Where we can, we work to avoid waste and promote community wellbeing by donating excess food. 


A family celebration to mark a significant birthday, anniversary or graduation. A power lunch in a restaurant that indulges yet energizes. A romantic dinner for two, sharing surprises and sensations with a thoughtfully crafted tasting menu. Whatever the occasion, make it a gastronomic voyage of distinction with Sofitel.