The story of Jinan, the thriving capital of Shandong Province, dates back over 4,000 years, to a time before it became a cultural crossroads, under the Han dynasty from which it derives its name. With its wealth of gorgeous natural landscapes, Jinan is not called the "Spring city" for nothing.

A stroll through the pastoral gardens of the Baotu Spring hot springs will prove this, as you enjoy an afternoon of relaxation, with just the lapping of the water as your background noise ... Then continue your quest for serenity by taking the road to the unmissable Daming Lake. Who could possibly not succumb to the intense poetry of the floating lotus flowers? How could you not be carried away by the gentle lines of its stone bridges? Even more impressive is Thousand Buddha Mountain, Qianfoshan, with its gigantic, smiling Buddha, standing twenty meters tall. It makes for a vivid testament to the Chinese enthusiasm for Buddhism; it is literally impossible to count the number of Buddha images to be found on the site. You can however be sure that the cave of Wanfo Dong, and its statues carved into the rock, will leave their mark on everyone. The highlight of the spectacle offered by Jinan and its surroundings remains the terracotta warriors who enthrall by their sheer number and the attention to detail they show off. Shandong museum will give you a fantastic insight into this powerful historical legacy with its collection of Neolithic pottery, jade jewelry and sculptures of warriors. And, like a snub to this wealth of history, the city of Jinan has an impressive shopping center, especially Wanda Plaza. This is the perfect place to mingle in with the everyday lives of Jinan's residents, and enjoy a thoroughly modern shopping break, in this town steeped in history and traditions.

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索菲特济南银座泉城大酒店位于山东省的省会,孔子的故乡。 酒店位于市中心,毗邻世贸中心和银座购物广场,拥有 326 个房间、3 间酒吧和 6 间餐厅。 酒店的银顶...


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