Experiencing Marseille means a journey through the past of one of the oldest cities in France as you observe 2,600 years of history, looking out on the Mediterranean. Above all, the city of Marseille is a place of immoderation. As the second largest port in the Mediterranean and the third largest city in France, its reach has extended national borders for many centuries.

This is never more evident than when you contemplate the cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, the one that Marseille's residents call "The Good Mother", crowned by blue skies. And don't think for a minute that life in Marseille revolves only around its Stade Vélodrome, with its ship-like appearance. The metropolis is primarily a city of shared cultures and diversity, heir to a sparkling historical heritage and a unique way of life. Just head for the Panier neighborhood for an aperitif and you'll see this for yourself. Overlooking the beating heart of the city, the mythical Vieux Port is a window into the real Marseille. As you make your way from the creeks of Sormiou to the Blue Coast and the port of Estaque, you'll see many different sides of Marseille. Resplendent Marseille as you take the coast road along Borely gardens. While the sumptuous Longchamp gardens feel even more prestigious. Not to mention the modern area around ​​the Mucem! Whatever you prefer, you mustn't leave this city without treating your taste buds to some gastronomic delights. Who would dare to come to Marseille without tasting a bouillabaisse or a bourride, with Fort Saint-Jean providing the setting? Marseille is made up of many different flavors. So, enjoy them!

马赛 • 法国


马赛 • 法国


酒店地理位置独天得厚,位于法国最古老的海港城市,是通往里维埃拉、卡马格和吕贝隆的中转站,距离伊芙岛城堡(château d'If)著名的海岛风光和峡湾( Cal...


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