Literally "Capital of the South", Nanking or Nanjing, is the Southern equivalent of Beijing, the "Capital of the North". Although far less well-known in comparison with the immoderation of Beijing, the capital of Jiangsu does however have a lot going for it, due to its mild climate, heritage and surrounding area.

The history of Nanjing, itself the capital of China on many different occasions, goes back to the very roots of China's origins, since it is one of the country's oldest cities. Its glorious past is reflected today through many buildings, like the Ji Ming temple. Built in 557, ancient China's architectural treasures can be contemplated as you enter through the superior entrance or observe the elegance of its pagoda. Another important relic, the Confucian temple Fuzimiao stands on the banks of the Qinhuai River. It invites meditation and contemplation, with a view over the pedestrianized area of ​​the city. A place that is quite simply magical when it lights up at night and the garlands of the surrounding buildings are reflected in the river. Even more striking is the famous mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China. Its 392 granite steps offer breathtaking views of Nanjing. When it comes to retaining its historical heritage this metropolis excels, as can be seen at the Nanjing Museum. This is one of China's largest museums when it comes both to its surface area and the sheer number of objects, paintings and ceramics exhibited: some 40,000. A cultural wealth of such magnitude that you might sometimes be in need of a break so how about a breath of fresh air over a cup of green tea? Nanjing has many natural treasures which it works hard to elevate, like the traditional Xuyuan garden, with its small interior lake. There are exquisite pleasures to enjoy in the Zhanyuan garden with its traditional lodges, floral pathways and poetic weeping willows.

南京 • 中国




南京 • 中国




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