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Outdoor Weddings

Whether you’re considering a wedding ceremony on a tropical beach with the turquoise sea as a backdrop, or you would like to exchange your vows surrounded by a stunning picturesque landscape, the allure of an outdoor wedding lies in the beauty of nature itself, which needs few additions in order to be magnificent. Simply let nature infuse its glory to your special day. At Sofitel, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of spectacular wedding destinations across the globe, giving you the opportunity to experience the pure bliss of an outdoor marriage. Our team of wedding planners will ensure that your dream day runs smoothly, complete with all of the personalized details to make it an extra special day. From luxurious oceanfront venues to sublime continental destinations, Sofitel offers countless options for your outdoor wedding arrangements, allowing you to seamlessly bring together authentic natural settings with contemporary elegance and style. For inspiration, simply browse our selection of destinations, and let us take care of everything else!

Wedding Organization & Planning

At Sofitel, our secret recipe for a magical wedding experience is meticulous planning. Our dedicated team of event specialists will ensure that every aspect of your wedding - including special themes, exquisite cuisine, luxury accommodation, elegant floral compositions, and so much more - will be perfect down to the very last detail.






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