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Chinese Weddings

Lavish, generous, boasting amazing food and bright colors, Chinese weddings hold a special cultural status. Rooted in millennial traditions, Chinese weddings carry a strong emotional connection to the countless brides and grooms who have come before, which is why a traditionally-styled wedding is so special. In true Asian fashion, Chinese weddings feature intricate customs and involve an array of deeply meaningful wedding traditions such as the traditional Tea Ceremony, where newlyweds serve tea to the groom’s family before receiving their wedding gifts. The centerpiece is also a very important feature, signifying happiness and fertility. Needless to say, decor plays a leading role in any Chinese-themed wedding. By tradition, Chinese wedding receptions are vibrant and colorful events owing much to their most essential and popular feature: the color red, a symbol of love, prosperity and happiness. Red is considered a lucky color, which is why the Chinese wedding dress will typically be styled in this color. Popular Chinese decorative items such as umbrellas, fans, or lantern often combine red with shades of gold or yellow. These typical design elements can easily be incorporated into the wedding’s decor, along with meaningful flowers such as red roses, blossoms, orchids, peonies, daffodils, narcissus, lotuses, or other kinds of flowers matching your personality as a couple. Another essential aspect of Chinese-themed weddings include authentic local cuisine, specially made for this occasion, featuring a selection of delicious dishes, sizzling with flavor and style. To make this big day unique and memorable, Sofitel’s dedicated wedding planners will plan and arrange the marriage festivities according to your specific requests, making sure our design proposals match your cultural preferences.

Wedding Organization & Planning

At Sofitel, our secret recipe for a magical wedding experience is meticulous planning. Our dedicated team of event specialists will ensure that every aspect of your wedding - including special themes, exquisite cuisine, luxury accommodation, elegant floral compositions, and so much more - will be perfect down to the very last detail.






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