Vietnam is an exceptional location, able to transport visitors to an everyday fairyland, a world where charm reigns supreme. A representative of Vietnamese art de vivre and a genuine cultural façade of the country, Hội An has everything.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999, Hội An earns its stripes with its numerous splendours such as the complex with 1,107 wood frame buildings, which have endured many centuries. Former leading city, located at the crossroads of commercial maritime routes, it has undergone developments thanks to the numerous merchant traders exchanging the most opulent silk materials across Asia. 

With this economic treasure, naturally, strong multiculturalism developed - Chinese, Japanese and European - making the city both cosmopolitan and jubilant. This Golden Age, with a little perspective, can be seen on every street corner. Hội An is unique with its tile roofs, with engraved traditional patterns, some of the most impressive and delightful in the world.
Ranging from the Japanese bridge-pagoda of the 18th Century, Chua Cau, to the colourful façades of the city centre, Hội An is a real treat for the eyes.
Near to the city, lies the splendid beach of Cua Dai, an incredible stretch of fine sand which ends at a quasi-island looking over the delta. The water, the view, the atmosphere... Everything here - excellence and perfection.
Visitors can take the boat and crossing just a few miles of coastline, find themselves faced with beauty in front of the both natural yet man-made masterpiece. This island is home to generous and welcoming fishermen, whilst also boasting a unique biosphere.
An Bang is logically the highlight of this grandiose spectacle. This wild, almost intimate beach will be sure to convince pilgrims that this is a place on earth which eludes all laws. Life is fanciful...

会安 • 越南


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