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A captivating and sensual city that continuously reinvents itself, Beirut is the timeless guardian of the Lebanese soul. With the fragrance of its narrow streets and the light that envelops the site of Pigeon Rock cave on the coast, Beirut is an authentic oriental beauty. With its rich heritage, Beirut stands up to the most prestigious of European capitals, immersing its visitors in irresistible delights.

Eastern, but sometimes Western, Beirut constantly surprises its visitors who will be able to hear the chant of the muezzin and the church bells at the very same time. A scholarly manifestation of this diversity, the American University of Beirut and its archaeological museum gently compel you to discover the quiet and peaceful side of the city. Incredibly symbolic, although somewhat less peaceful, Martyrs Square has a treasure in store for you in its imposing Al-Amin Mosque, with its blue dome and four minarets. If the fervor of this place is indisputable, the refinement that characterizes the interior is quite simply a breathtaking example of finesse and elegance.

However, the cultural heritage of the city goes far beyond a few buildings and the best way to appreciate its grandeur is to lose yourself in its center. From its large squares to the Seraglio, from its wide avenues lined with arcades to the high-end shopping malls, you will experience a whole world in one place.
It is indeed a completely different universe that you must explore by day, sitting at one of the terraces bordering the beautiful coast road, enjoying the views and some Turkish delights accompanied by a coffee ... However, as splendid as it is when the sun lights up its monuments, it is when Beirut puts her nightdress on that her true spirit is experienced. With a carefree, party vibe, these beautiful Lebanese nights are unique in all of the Middle East, perhaps even the world. It's an emotionally-charged experience, at the extreme of an oriental-style hedonism that Lebanon's people feel rightly proud of.

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