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Few places in the world are as evocative as this phantasmagorical interweaving of colored buildings, leafy groves and imperial cliffs that makes up the small coastal town of Tropea. Italy is indeed a country full of surprises.

More than just an unusual destination, this jewel of Calabria, in the south of the Italian peninsula, invites you into a dream. The visitor here is immediately grabbed by a feeling of escapism, with feet sinking into the fine sand on the beach, the Tyrrhenian sea in front, and this incredible cliff behind. Tropea is a truly unique place that could only be found in Italy and which, despite its renown across national borders, has managed to stay authentic, like its center with its very Sicilian feel. Lovers of gourmet experiences are sure to be seduced when they taste the very typical 'Nduja di Spilinga which is eaten on a slice of bread. Following these characteristically Italian feasts, there will be nothing better for the digestion than an invigorating walk to the impressive monastery of Santa Maria dell'Isola, perched on a limestone peak. The view offered to you by this building, dating from the 7th century B.C., over Tropea will ensure you quickly forget all the steps you climbed to get there. This view is sure to make you want to go back and enjoy the turquoise waters of Tropea's beach; especially as there are so many water activity clubs where you can try your hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing. And if it's the Calabrian countryside that attracts you, why not rent a bike for an excursion along the many paths that make up the hinterland. Purists will be keen to head for Capo Vaticano where they can stroll along its scenic path and discover a wild cove. The real dolce vita!

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