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Moulded by history and major artistic trends ever since Antiquity, Rome offers up its ancient treasures to visitors in search of wonder. The Eternal City boasts countless works of art, iconic archaeological sites, baroque churches and stunning monuments, set against a backdrop of lush green gardens, irrigated by water from the River Tiber. “Everything is astonishing in Rome”, as Stendhal observed in the early 19th century.

And above all, in Rome you'll find an urban atmosphere unlike anything that you will find elsewhere in the world. 28 centuries of heritage still feed into this city of ancient ruins, Italian Renaissance ‘palaces’, fountains, baroque churches and medieval alleys which climb around its 7 hills. Legend has it that everything began on Palatine Hill, the birthplace of this incredible open-air museum. The city's masterpieces, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the columns of the Pantheon, and the baroque Piazza Navona, defy the ravages of time and cannot fail to inspire emotion. And the ultimate symbol of the Colosseum, the start and ending point of the Rome Marathon, is a majestic demonstration of the exceptional character of this amazing European capital.

From the Janiculum, north of Trastevere, a fashionable, charming neighbourhood with its labyrinth of colorful streets, the view of the city, studded with steeples, is absolutely breathtaking. There’s a very good reason why it’s known as the “city of a thousand churches”. Witness to the birth and then the rise of the Catholic Church, Rome is also home to the Vatican City. Its Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica house priceless works of art, demonstrating the artistic heritage of the Italian renaissance. Michelangelo, one of its main craftsmen, left the memory of his genius in the capital, redesigning the architecture perched atop the Capitoline Hill. The ‘palaces’ of the smallest of Rome’s hills now house the Capitoline Museums, whose collections rival those of the Borghese Gallery, nestled in the enchanting gardens of the Villa Borghese. These gardens are home to a number of cultural institutions in a city that has always celebrated the arts, with renowned festivals including Fotografia, Romaeuropa Festival and Rome Film Fest.
When it comes to film, Rome has been immortalised on the big screen many times. Explore Via Veneto to find the setting and atmosphere of Fellini’s Dolce Vita: you can still experience the Roman way of life here today. The historic street bustles with life and is constantly reinventing itself to keep ahead of the latest trends. Follow in the footsteps of elegant Romans through the Art Nouveau glass of the Galleria Alberto Sordi, and into the luxury boutiques on Via dei Condotti. Milan may well be the Capital of Fashion, but Rome is inextricably linked to the history and development of the big names in haute couture.
If there’s one area where Romans don’t veer too far away from tradition, it’s food. Home to many Michelin stars, Italy’s capital has plenty of wonderful restaurants to choose from, each one defending the international reputation of a culinary culture that is proud of its amazing diversity. Rome brings together the opulence and generosity of the country’s different regions. White truffle from Alba, Burrata from Puglia, Limoncello from the Amalfi Coast... Like rough diamonds, the ingredients are on display in the stalls of the Campo dei Fiori market, before they are snapped up by the trattorias or traditional restaurants in the old Jewish ghetto. Rome also comes to life in its chic cafés where the espresso is king. The end of the day doesn’t mean the end of fun in Rome. In the picturesque, popular neighbourhood of Testaccio, there are stylish bars and clubs to choose from to sip an aperitivo and watch the sun go down behind the ancient columns of the Eternal City, a destination that’s bound to live up to its nickname.

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