Like all of the most beautiful things, the beauty of Hamburg is both fierce and elusive, and it hits visitors when they least expect it. This city in northern Germany, the second largest city in Germany, is as lively as it is energetic and as rich as it is graceful.

Its grace can be discovered with a cruise along the city's many canals, lapping against the red brick buildings with their thousands of windows. An astonishing and moving elegance that takes you aback when you find yourself in the neighborhood around its main quay, with stunning views of what Hamburg is rightfully proud of: its port. It offers an evocative spectacle with its naval yard and huge cranes, like sleeping mechanical creatures, and gives the city more of a maritime than a riverside feel. If your stay in Hamburg allows it, try and mingle in with Hamburg's residents to enjoy the spectacle of the harbor festival and admire the yachts, frigates and other clippers from the four corners of the Elbe. Hamburg is also famous for its nightlife and its love of partying. A hedonistic tendency that's embodied by a dazzling avenue illuminated with thousands of lights at night: Reeperbahn. Theaters and restaurants stand alongside concert halls, clubs and all manner of institutions. Although feeling slightly nefarious, this unique neighborhood still played host in the sixties to a certain rock band, made up of four hip young men, making their international debut in some of its clubs. More distinguished and more noble is the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, which, with its unusual architecture, is very worthy of a visit during your stay in Hamburg. Whether you're a lover of architecture, classical music or both, this glitzy location is a true artistic achievement that must be experienced by going there to listen to an opera or just a simple concerto. Another feat, another scale: The Miniatur Wunderland. This monumental model train and its 1200 meters of track create a quite unique attraction. For young and old alike!

汉堡 • 德国


索菲特汉堡 Alter Wall 欢迎您的到来,它在 Hanseatic 城的中心。 它在著名的港口和城市会堂之间,距中央火车站仅 1 公里,距机场 12 公里...


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