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Staying in the city of Cologne, in North Rhine-Westphalia, means getting a little closer with every step to the time when the Roman empress Agrippa founded the city. Cologne is Germany's oldest city.

This unusual longevity has given it an almost fairy tale-like historical heritage, a stunning legacy that's embodied by Cologne's cathedral, the largest and highest in Germany and the most popular in the world. This medieval masterpiece, taking the Gothic style to its most disproportionate and most captivating, is a highly symbolic building of the city and a cultural must during any visit to Cologne. But it is by strolling about that the soul of this German city will be unearthed, in the colorful streets of the Belgian quarter, in particular, bursting with shops and trendy cafes. Feeling a little like the Marais in Paris, with its buildings from the early twentieth century, the neighborhood is an essential way to enjoy all the refinement and sophistication of the city. From its Kolumba Museum of Contemporary Art, whose building is in itself a work of art, to the Ludwig Museum which showcases some of the biggest exhibitions, Cologne is first and foremost a city of culture. This culture is found in its very art de vivre, with the traditional eaux de colognes that you'll inhale as you walk past the doors of the historic Farina House, the Perfume Museum. And alongside this elegant and subtle art de vivre, is the gastronomy, that starts with the brasseries. Only warmth emanates from these lively places, showcasing the very best of local cuisine. The hard part will be trying not to over-indulge, because you'll want to taste all the local specialties, like wurst and streusel, both quite delicious.

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