The capital of Brittany has been so much more than a French provincial town for a long time now; it's an unusual representative of French heritage. However, no visitor could stay there without feeling the Celtic soul.

What the Gallo-Romans called Condate is now a young city that's proud of its Breton identity. This leaves its mark as you stroll along the cobblestones of the exuberant place Sainte-Anne with its facades of houses with colorful beams, lively cafe terraces and its cute little boutiques playing traditional music. Welcome to the historic center of the city. Your footsteps will most certainly lead you through picturesque streets and narrow alleys, impregnated with a medieval atmosphere distilled by the Saint-Pierre cathedral. This monument is remarkable due to its towers on four levels and bronzed nave. It's impossible not to stop on the square of the town hall and enjoy the symmetry of the two baroque lodges flanking the clock tower. This is the perfect place to enjoy a bowl of cider and the unmissable galette-saucisse, the gastronomic symbol of Rennes. Once you've enjoyed a tasty bite to eat, head to Thabor gardens and lose track of time amid its green lawns and the 980 varieties of roses that are planted in the rose garden - a lovely walk where you can immerse yourself in the green heart of this Breton city. Rennes is a city that lives life to the full, like its colorful and vibrant population, offering visitors a true glimpse of a city that's as modern as it's artistically avant-garde. You realize this as you stroll through the Champs Libres, enjoying the cultural aside offered by this protean institution. Its architecture, resolutely contemporary, will surprise you as much as its impressive library and museum. You'll be even more surprised if you take the time to visit the Frac Bretagne, an absolutely incredible cultural place, with its minimalist architecture and contemporary art collection.

雷恩 • 法国


现代、温馨、精致的巴尔萨泽水疗酒店坐落在雷恩中心地带,步行片刻即可抵达布列塔尼国会大厦。 这家格调高雅的独特酒店拥有令人印象深刻的规模,酒店完美地融合了美观与真...


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