Between two of the most iconic rivers in France, the Moselle and the Seille, the capital of the Lorraine region rises up: Metz. An important place in the history of France, its heritage dates back to the Celts long before Caesar invaded Gaul.

Historical magnificence sublimely personified by the cathedral of Saint-Etienne de Metz, this Gothic jewel enthralls visitors with its sheer size and sophisticated architecture. More understated from the outside, the Romanesque church of Saint-Maximin in old Metz, is another splendid reflection, with its imposing nave and huge organ. Ambling through the streets of Metz, the traveler regularly finds himself in front of imposing medieval buildings, offering an exotic and enchanting historic setting. Enjoy the powerful scent of cut grass as you walk around the city walls. This country walk in the heart of the old city, takes you right back to the thirteenth century, for a journey back to the time of its origins, beneath the centuries-old stone walls and old turrets. Once you've returned from this travel through time, head for the Centre Pompidou-Metz, whose unexpectedly modern architecture contrasts with the prestige of the centuries that own the museum's collections. But a city and its region are also discovered by enjoying its food; and there's no doubt that Metz has many gourmet specialties to its name. Which makes it impossible to stay in this city, in the region of Lorraine, without tasting a little piece of the unmissable and colorful quiche lorraine. A classic dish that can be accompanied by a crêpe à la mirabelle, before enjoying a peaceful walk through pathways of flowered lime trees in the Esplanade gardens. This bastion of Napoleonic times will give your journey to Lorraine a poetic and haunting feel.

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