With something of a mini-Paris about it, its large squares bathed in light and its many different neighborhoods, Lyon is a city that's as French as they come. From the Confluence neighborhood and its architectural achievements to old Lyon and its picturesque cobblestone streets, exploring this city is easy. 

Give yourself plenty of time to stroll around its Croix-Rousse neighborhood, a very trendy area of Lyon with spectacular views over the city. Next, head back down to the landscaped banks of the river Saône where you can enjoy a break from it all over a few of Lyon's culinary specialties, with the added bonus of the cooling, river breeze. These little amuse-bouches are bound to make quite the impression. This is only natural given that Lyon is the gastronomic capital of France ... It's therefore unthinkable that you could stay there and not enjoy its famous "bouchons", the typical little bistros found in the Lyon region. From the impossibly light pike quenelles to Saint-Marcellin cheese and the famous Jésus and Lyon's other cold meats, you'll be spoiled for choice. When you've finished eating, there's nothing like a stroll around old Lyon to aid the digestion, starting with St. John's Church and its monumental facade, then onto the beautiful, cobblestone and pedestrianized rue Saint-Jean. This district with its many vestiges of Renaissance Lyon is the ideal place to discover the city's historical heritage. Visit the famous traboules that take you from one courtyard to another, and from one street to another Then go for a walk around the City Hall and enjoy the imposing Place de la Comédie. Finally, end your day with a stroll through the bucolic Tête d’or gardens for some late afternoon relaxation.

里昂 • 法国


里昂 • 法国


里昂 • 法国


Sofitel Lyon Bellecour 酒店位于里昂市中心,毗邻 Place Bellecour,可以欣赏到 Rhône 河畔的壮丽景色。为了让您享受到里...


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