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As the capital of Hainan, this perfect tropical island of the Middle Kingdom, Haikou puts its visitors right in the heart of a wonderfully idyllic Chinese destination. Boasting a more than generous climate, Haikou contrasts with its northern sister Sanya; particularly when it comes to the authenticity that characterizes its old quarter.

Old, colonial-style houses and cobbled streets: the historic center of Haikou reveals a scent of olden times that a stroll through the shopping streets will reveal to you. The spell becomes spiritual when you enter the Temple of Five Lords, with brick-roofed lodges that have delightfully Chinese lines. These can be seen in the tomb of Hai Rui dating from the 17th century, dominated by a magnificent jade-colored pagoda. A visit to the Museum of Hainan will prolong the enchantment further as it immerses you in the history of this island, little-known by the Chinese for a long time, through an impressive collection of historic objects. In contrast to this Asian poetry, Haikou offers a sometimes urban and impressive side, as evidenced by the Shiji bridge, and a sometimes lush and green side, like the Dongjiao coconut plantation. A trip to Haikou could not be complete without a stroll through this amazing agricultural setting. Lost under a green canopy, this place enthralls with its gentleness and tranquility and you'll soon find yourself lost in your thoughts, with an iced coconut milk drink in your hand. A delicious treat that's sure to tickle your taste buds and, what's more, just like Hainan, Haikou has no shortage of specialties, including its rolls filled with fish roe and its crab dumplings. Once full, how about hiring a car so you can set off and explore some splendid places, like the Ma'anshan volcano, Yalong Bay near Sanya and the green hills of Dongshan. And the adventure doesn't stop there either, because there's still Nanwan monkey island to discover, a boat trip away and where you can meet its 2000 macaques.

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