Shenyang, or Mukden, as the Manchus have called it for centuries, is an ancient city in stark contrast to the boomtowns we are used to in the Republic of China today. Quite conversely, the history of Shenyang goes right back to the origins of the country, with traces of agricultural activity dating back to the 5th century B.C. Its history is fascinating since it has seen great dynasties come and go, and its noble heritage still leaves its mark today. 

It radiates wisdom and refinement, like the ancient Forbidden City from the times of the Qing Dynasty. In the center, this large construction is a jewel of aesthetics and Manchu tradition with its gilding and carved dragons, embodying the craftsmanship of different Chinese ethnic groups. This bridge between China and its different cultures continues through the archway of the Beiling Park. With its 330 hectares of pine forests, buildings and lakes, the park completely reflects modern China: immoderate and deeply attached to its heritage. It's highly likely that as you make your way through its flower-lined pathways, amid the traditional bright red walls, you'll stumble across the tomb of Emperor Huang Taiji. And like its northern neighbor, Harbin, Shenyang is a city renowned for its Ice Festival, made famous thanks to the ice sculptures and its thousands of visitors. Making Shenyang a festival city, as you'll see when you visit the lively Heping neighborhood in the center. There, you will meet artisans who can make you customized sculptures and find the best restaurants. You absolutely must try the Smoked Chicken Goubangzi, a local technique for smoking the chicken with spices, ginger and pepper.

沈阳 • 中国


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