A trading city since its very earliest origins, Ningbo promises its visitors a trip to a China that's open to the world. Since appearing in the autobiography of a Portuguese explorer in the sixteenth century right through to the present day, Ningbo has continued to be one of the main centers of the Chinese economy.

An advantageous position which is dictated by the confluence of three rivers - the Yuyao, the Yong and the Fenghua - and which is reflected on the facades of its monuments which have been aged by the centuries, especially those of Baoguo Temple. A place whose history dates back to the ninth century and which enthralls with its decorative and artistic diversity and by the complexity of the craftsmanship which served to elevate it. Equally moving: the oldest private library in all of China and that you can visit by entering the doors of the Tianyi Pavilion, with its beautifully refined woodwork. A surprise awaits the traveler who ventures into the majestic monastery of Tiantong, located on the slopes of Mount Taibai, an unmissable place for Zen Buddhism which contrasts with the urban bustle of the city. Its natural surroundings and the many traces of time and centuries past that have been left by successive emperors and dynasties are captivating. Visitors can learn about this history by going to the amazing Ningbo history museum, designed by architect Wang Shu and constructed mainly from recycled materials. From the Neolithic cultures of Hemudu through to the Republic of China, we see thousands of years passing in front of our very eyes, as we move from one floor to another of the museum. Ningbo is a place of many contrasts with its gigantic buildings and enormous shopping centers like Wanda Plaza, all built on the outskirts of picturesque neighborhoods, made up of working-class homes and narrow, foggy streets. A world of disproportions, which happily comes to an end when you savor Ningbo's specialties, especially its seafood platters and famous pastries.

宁波 • 中国




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