At the intersection of Tibet, Laos, Burma and Vietnam, lies one of China's most beautiful provinces: Yunnan. This region has been made from magnificent contrasts between heaven and earth, with its capital, Kunming, known as "the city of eternal spring".

Ringed by mountains framing the lake Dian, Kunming is the perfect starting point for an exploration of this region or even the whole of China. But before you think about the next step of your Chinese journey, you absolutely must enjoy some time in this glittering city of natural treasures, arts and culture. Walk along the beautiful Green Lake gardens, so exotic with its almost tropical vegetation and its groups of senior citizens enjoying some tranquil Tai Chi. It's an ideal place to enjoy an improvised picnic, featuring rice cooked in bamboo, beef Kanbar and Dali Bai papaya water. Because, after all, traveling often begins with a culinary exploration!

Once satisfyingly full, you will head for the hill of Luofeng to visit the brightly-colored Yuantong Temple. This institution, with 1,200 years of history behind it, has a quite incredible architectural design, including an entrance located at the very top of the temple! The vividness of the colors of the temple will be sure to absolutely enthrall you. To continue your journey of discovery, head to Luoxia valley and enjoy a natural color palette that's both intense and extraordinary. Sown fields grow on this striking red land, giving it different hues of green which are magnificent to see. The less hardy among you can stay in the center, however, and head to the flower and bird market. This is an amazing place to visit, full of perfumes and scents, with its stalls of products from all the local fauna and flora.

昆明 • 中国


昆明索菲特酒店位于昆明中央商业区,内设拥有文化设计元素的客房,想享受更多奢华体验的客人可光顾米勒西姆俱乐部酒廊。您可在 Kwee Zeen 享受互动美食体验,在...


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