Guiyang, the capital of Ghuizou, the province of mainland China, immerses the traveler in the heart of a cosmopolitan China, with an ethnic mix that is quite unique in the country. A multiculturalism that the gentle local climate can only extol. 

The city has been given the lyrical nickname "precious Sun", which pays tribute to one of its assets. Nestled amidst many hills, Guiyang can be proud of its status of "Green City" with its large number of peaceful and scenic parks, like the peaceful Qianling Park. Who knows, if you're an early riser, you might come across Tai-chi enthusiasts, enjoying a moment of complete serenity, a world away from the bustle of the city center. Aside from all of that, a stroll through the park will take you to the sumptuous Hongfu temple dating back to the 17th century, allowing you to admire the architectural and decorative richness of ancient China. In this same vein, take the road to the traditional village of Qingyan, located about twenty miles from the city.

The Chinese metropolis and its region are not lacking in distinctive characteristics, like the shopping streets in the center that you need to amble along at night in order to experience a Chinese-style sensory feast. Complete the experience by making a detour through the plant market and trying one of the well-known revitalizing reflexology sessions.
But you only ever truly discover China when you venture into the surrounding areas of ​​its major cities. Join the Jiang Nan valley, through which flows the Xiang River, to marvel at its natural riches. This tour takes you to Shuitouzhai village, surrounded by rice fields and populated by the Buyi ethnic group, who live mainly off tea-picking.

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