Independent and rebellious, Guangzhou, "the city of goats" as it's known, is the 3rd largest city in the country, yet one of the least known cities of China. Although the mythological origins of the city remain deeply rooted in local folklore, Guangzhou has nothing of the typical Cantonese village about it, as evidenced by the stunning Canton Tower, a television, and tourist tower.

Having long suffered from its proximity to Hong Kong, this city is every bit as great as its big sisters, Shanghai and Beijing. Despite the sense of utter amazement felt when you see this megalopolis on the banks of the Pearl River, Guangzhou has nevertheless retained its originality. The city has one special feature: its green parks, enormous and perfectly integrated into the city, like the Sun Yat-Sen University gardens and Yuexiu Park, where, along with the dense bamboo groves, you can admire the sculpture of the symbol of this city. the five goats. For a bit more romanticism, head for Orchid Park with its impressive, even intoxicating, floral variety... The ideal place for an utterly elegant tea break. And if you are feeling the pull of the countryside, why not take the cable car up to Baiyun Mountain and enjoy a relaxing break away from it all. Remember to enjoy the added bonus of the stunning views over Guangzhou!

But the city doesn't really reveal its true colors unless you take the time to get to know it. Which means there's nothing better than going to meet local artisans, at Qing Ping Market, for example; this is a deliciously Chinese plant market, with the scents of dried roots and spices. And once you're there, it will be impossible to resist a taste of dim sum, the Cantonese indulgence. Especially given that Guangzhou's culinary heritage is renowned throughout China!

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