With 2,300 years of history behind it, and not forgetting its nickname "Land of Abundance", the city of Chengdu and its 7 million inhabitants is a Chinese capital that is becoming more and more popular. And there are no shortage of reasons for this. Located in the heart of Sichuan, the Chinese metropolis and its surrounding area offer visitors a taste of ​​neighboring Tibet. 

With its mountainous terrain of lush and humid vegetation, it's home to the largest concentration of giant pandas. These worthy representatives of Chinese fauna live peacefully in the giant panda research center. A moving sight that it would be a shame to miss.

Just as important is a visit to the majestic Buddha of Leshan, carved out of the rock, at a height of 70 meters. A place that offers a vibrant and unexpected window into spiritual China, with its traditions rooted firmly in ancient times. From time immemorial, magnified by a symbiosis between man and nature, that an ascent up Mount Emei Shan is testament to. One of China's four sacred mountains welcomes you to a land where small bridges made from carved wood, sumptuous temples and stone stairways are home to monkeys and an eclectic local wildlife.

But a trip to Chengdu is a journey for the senses, not just for the mind. So you absolutely must take a stroll along the shopping streets of Qingyang Palace or Wen Shu Fang, to treat yourself to a few things and taste some Sichuan cuisine at Zifi Club.

成都 • 中国




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