Use points

How do I use my Rewards points with onefinestay?

If you wish to use your Rewards points with onefinestay, you will need to convert them into a gift card which will entitle you to a discount when renting a premium property, as per the following scale:

  • 7,200 Rewards points = 100 euros
  • 18,000 Rewards points = 250 euros
  • 36,000 Rewards points = 500 euros
  • 72,000 Rewards points = 1,000 euros

As soon as you have earned enough Rewards points, you can order your gift card by calling the onefinestay central booking office.

Your booking agent will explain what you need to do for your Rewards points to be debited from your account in order to finalise the order.

When you are ready to use your gift card to rent a property, simply call the same central booking office, giving them your gift card's reference number and expiry date. The card is valid for one year. It can only be used once and must be valid at the time of booking in order to take advantage of the discount corresponding to its face value. Vouchers cannot be cancelled and are non-transferable.

For more information about this offer and to view the onefinestay central booking office's telephone number, click here